Friday, 23 October 2009


Here's a fashion feature that i did a while ago, thought it was relevant:

Who is your favourite style icon and why? 

There will always be the obvious, glamorous women who place the stakes high when it comes to the world of fashion. The ones that make our proud new Primark bargain feel inadequate compared to their perfectly polish exteriors . . . complete with statement handbag. 

But when asked the question ‘who is your favourite style icon?’ i thought long and hard about the people who i feel live, eat and breath style. Someone that oozes sophistication from their every pore and knows what looks good on them. Which is why i came to the conclusion that for me Ashley Olsen defines the words ‘style icon’.

From growing up in the 1990’s with the Olsen’s hit TV shows, such as ‘Two of a kind’ splashed across the television screen, it has been obvious from the beginning that style goes hand in hand with this fashionista. Although there may have been a few cringe worthy moments along the way, including Ashley’s taste for real fur clothing, the array of outfits that she displays gives style adoration a whole other meaning. After all what is fashion without a bit of debate? 

To be a style icon you have to be an individual. Someone always ahead of the trend with a finger on the pulse of the fashion industry. A person who’s not afraid to take risks by putting their own stamp on fashion. Ashley’s style is a great example of this. She manages to incorporate classic basic elements such as plain white t-shirts, and put a contemporary spin on them to create effortless outfits carried off with an air of confidence . . . along with statement sunglasses, a pair of killer heels and a cup of Starbucks coffee glued to her hand. 

Whether it’s front row seats at Chanel fashion shows, or heading her own fashion line ‘The Row’ with help from her equally stylish twin sister Mary Kate. Ashley has become a household name for all the right reasons, from designer to business woman the list of accomplishments goes on and on. There is nothing that this young entrepreneur cannot put her mind to. Not only is this stylish lady a divine couture hunter with an eye for statement pieces, but she has the brains behind the beauty to give back a little piece of that special fashion know how which people, such as myself, inspire to recreate.


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